# Some shipping guidelines to make your job easier.


Primal Finish 
10496 Hwy 59w 
Burlison, TN  38015 



Primal Finish holds a FFL and a class 3 SOT.  This allows any customer to legally ship their firearm directly to Primal Finish and it can be shipped directly back to the customer WITHOUT an FFL transfer or background check on the customers end.  The class 3 SOT allows Primal Finish to receive suppressors, short barreled rifles, and short barreled shotguns for coating WITHOUT an ATF transfer.   

Shipping Instructions
  • Ship firearms by UPS only. 
  • Purchase insurance on the package to cover replacement cost. 
  • Add “Adult Signature Required” (21+) to all packages containing firearms. (This is legally necessary) 
  • If you are shipping a firearm, it must be dropped off at a hub (not just ups store) or directly handed to a driver for insurance to be valid. 
  • Packages insured for over $1000 require insurance forms to be signed by hub employee or UPS driver.
Packaging Recommendations
  • Put a copy of your driver’s license in the box with the gun.  Gun will ship back to address on DL 
  • If you are shipping class 3 (suppressor, SBR, SBS)  

    • Include a copy (not the original) of your form 4 in the package 

    • Please download and fill out the information sheet and include in the package with your items.  

  • Be sure to package the firearm very securely. 
  • Tape extra padding on the end of the barrel and on the butt end of a barreled action.
  • If mailing a barreled action, remove or protect the trigger.
  • ​​​Make sure that the firearm cannot move in the box.  Pack it tight, tape it well. 
  • Use high strength packaging tape and use several layers.
  • ​​​​​Factory boxes work quite well for shipping.  If you don’t have a factory box, find or make an appropriately sized box (not oversized) or ship in a quality hard case. 


If Shipping in a hard case: 

  • Lock the case with small padlocks and mail the key separate. 
  • Duct tape all locks down to the box.
  • Duct tape all the latches down